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At Cliqket, we empower creators to foster genuine connections, build passionate communities, and transform their influence into economic opportunity.

Empowering Creators

Our journey revolves around you. We are here to fuel your creativity and boost your earnings.

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Before discovering Cliqket, as an independent artist, I found it challenging to connect with fans beyond social media. With Cliqket, I was able to build an engaged community, share my creative journey, and even monetize my art in ways I never thought possible. It's been a true game-changer!

Independent Artist and Cliqket Creator

Creating Your Communities Space

No Followers? Let's Change That.

Joining Cliqket means carving out a unique corner of the internet that's truly yours. Engage, share, and grow with your audience in a whole new way.

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Customizable Cliques.
Craft your own space with our user-friendly tools. Make your Clique a reflection of your artistry and connect on a deeper level with your fans.
Direct Engagement.
Connect directly with your fans. Foster a strong, loyal community without the distractions of traditional social platforms.
Easy Monetization.
Monetize your and your communities content directly, without complications. You're in control of your earnings, your way.
Security & Privacy.
We prioritize the safety of your community. With Cliqket, you and your fans are protected by comprehensive security measures.
Insightful Analytics.
Get to know your audience better with our powerful analytics. Gain the insights you need to grow and evolve.
Smart Marketplace.
Our cutting-edge AI creates a personalized shopping experience for your fans, showing them more of what they love.

Amplify Your Artistry.
Start cultivating your community today.

Utilize Cliqket for authentic fan interactions, monetizing creations, and discovering new markets. Your flourishing venture is a click away.

Boost Your Reach

A Versatile Marketplace

At Cliqket, it's about more than just community - it's about capturing new markets. Our versatile marketplace allows brands to sell directly while also harnessing the power of peer-to-peer commerce within their cliques. Embrace new sales, deeper engagement, and secondary market dynamics.

Personalized Storefronts.
Craft a unique storefront that resonates with your brand, making it effortless for your fans to find and support your work.
In-Clique Transactions.
Enable your fans to purchase within your clique, guaranteeing a smooth, uninterrupted buying journey.
Seize New Markets.
Cliqket is more than just a platform; it's your gateway to uncharted markets. Our platform endorses both creator-to-fan and peer-to-peer transactions, igniting a vibrant marketplace within your community.
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Elevate Your Creator Journey

Unleash your potential with everything in one place.

Cliqket is designed to empower you as a creator. From social interaction to monetization, everything you need to take your community to new heights is at your fingertips.

Social Channels at Heart
Engage like never before with channels akin to your favorite social apps. Create forums, discussions, or themed channels within your clique, fostering a vibrant community.
Tailored Profiles & Cliques
Carve out your unique space with customizable profiles and cliques. Reflect your brand and passions, and let your creativity run wild.
Holistic Monetization
Go beyond being “just” a creator. With subscriptions, merch sales, and a P2P marketplace, morph into a magnate. Cliqket enables you to elevate your community while reaping the rewards.
Brands & Retailers on Your Terms
Take the reins and partner with brands and retailers at your discretion. They can run ads within your clique, but the terms are yours. No more chasing - they come to you.

Amplify Your Artistry.
Start cultivating your community today.

Utilize Cliqket for authentic fan interactions, monetizing creations, and discovering new markets. Your flourishing venture is a click away.

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