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What is a Clique?

A 'Clique' is a private, creator-led community that blends social networking with a customized marketplace. It's a monetization avenue for creators and members alike.

Who can create a Clique?

Influencers, moderators, admins, or brands - anyone passionate about fostering a thriving community can create a Clique.

Who qualifies as a creator?

Anyone with a community they're passionate about. Sociability is a plus, but not a must. Passion, respect, and dedication are what count.

Why create a Clique?

Cliqket offers creators an opportunity to multiply their revenue while engaging in what they love, and empowers their communities and supporting brands.

How do I join a Clique?

You can join a Clique by receiving an invitation from the creator or an existing member. Each Clique sets its own rules for membership.

What benefits do Cliqket members have?

Members enjoy tailored content, exclusive offers from brands, and a close-knit community of like-minded individuals.